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Cybex 525AT Arc Trainer Elliptical
Cybex 525AT Arc Trainer Elliptical

Cybex 525AT Arc Trainer - Commercial Grade

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Not all cross trainers are created equal. Cross training refers to working various parts of the body by combining different exercises in a variety of ways. Typically one activity or sport trains certain parts of the body but not others. Cross training aims to eliminate this. Cross trainers are generally non-impact machines – sometimes called “ellipticals” – which refers to a specific motion. All ellipticals are cross trainers but not all cross trainers are ellipticals.


More results in less time. Research shows that the CYBEX Arc Trainer burns more calories than any other cross trainer or elliptical cross trainer tested. The science behind the Arc Trainer’s big calorie burn is the Arc motion. It engages the right muscles – quads and glutes – that demand lots of energy from the body when they are called upon to work. That means big calorie burn. And ... because the Arc is demanding of the muscles – not the joints, it can be used longer without putting a strain on the knees, hip or back. The unique pattern of motion ensures that the direction of force is forward of the hip and behind the knee for equal leverage and balanced contribution in producing the motion. This balance of force leads to optimal loading between hip and knee, minimizing joint stress, and maximizing the work done by the muscles.


Train for strength, power, endurance, cardio, and weight loss. The CYBEX Arc Trainer offers broad incline and resistance ranges which mean it is really 3 machines in one. At the lower incline levels, the “glide” is a cross country skier. In the mid-range levels, the motion is a “stride” (like an elliptical except with proper positioning). At the high levels, the “climb” of a stepper or climber. Glide, Stride, and Climb. And ... lots of programs also make the Arc Trainer fun to use.


No more “elliptical knees”. Unlike other cross trainers on the market the patented Arc pattern of motion allows the hip and knee to move synchronously while the foot stays under the knee reducing joint pains and providing a more comfortable workout.


The 525AT Arc Trainer® has the great leg movement and all of the other great features of the 625AT Total Body Arc Trainer. Designed to concentrate on the lower body, this Cross trainer is popular with facilities looking to provide variety for their users.

Total Body Arc Trainer
Machine Basics

Product Number525AT
Incline Levels21
Stride Length24 (61 cm)
Resistance Rangeup to 600 Watts
Drive typeTwo-stage drive
BrakeBrushless Eddy current brake with generator


(L x W x H)
76 x 30 x 62.5 in
193 x 76 x 159 cm
Machine Weight364 lbs (183 kg)
Maximum User Weight400 lbs (181 kg)

Display & Workouts

DisplayGraphic display of workout profile via 8 × 5 LED; Numeric display of time, calories, strides per minute, calories per hour and heart rate including multi-color indication of heart rate range; Lower display shows incline and resistance level
WorkoutsQuick Start (Manual mode), three weight loss, three cardio, two strength; Workouts have 10 levels and controls both incline and resistance.

Compliance & Safety

ComplianceETL listed to UL 1647, FCC Class B, ASTM, EN 957, CE Low Voltage Directive, EMC and ROHS.


Convenience FeaturesOptional iPod/iPhone integration with 30-pin connector. Users can easily charge an iPod or iPhone, listen to music, switch tracks, and control volume. Split level display with magazine rack. Centrally located water bottle holder and dual utility trays.
Heart Rate MonitoringContact Grips and Wireless.


ColorGray shrouds with choice of five standard frame colors (white, black, platinum sparkle, metal tone gold, black chrome) or choose from over 180 custom colors
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch
AV/Ent.MYE wireless audio receiver; E3 View embedded HD monitor


Residential Use Warranty10 yr - frame
5 yr - parts
1 yr - labor
Embedded monitor - 2 years,
Embedded Receiver - 3 years
Headphone Jack - 90 Days
Commercial Use Warranty
10 yr - frame
3 yr - parts
1 yr - labor
Embedded monitor - 2 years,
Embedded Receiver - 3 years
Headphone Jack, Power cords, Power Inlets, - 90 Days

Load dependent
The Arc is load dependent which means that resistance is scaled to the user's weight. Two exercisers, a man who weighs 230 lbs and the other a woman who weighs 120 lbs, both get the same workout when they enter the same program levels and their own weight. The perfect workout ... and only CYBEX has it.

Reverse Arc Movement
This is what makes the Arc an Arc. The unique Reverse Arc motion, a patented advanced stride technology, never places the user’s toe behind the knee (when the toe moves behind the knee significantly more stress is applied to the knee joint). The Reverse Arc Motion moves legs in a biomechanically correct pathway - reducing stress at the knee while offering a complete range of motion for both the knee and hip.

Muscle Targeting
The wide range of resistance and incline makes the Arc Trainer unique. From the deconditioned to professional athletes, it is right for everyone! Using this broad incline and resistance range, anyone using this product will notice they have the ability to emphasize specific muscle groups, whether at higher incline levels as a stepping motion to work the quads or lower levels of incline with increased resistance to firm up the butt!

Glide, Stride, and Climb Zones
The Arc offers three exercise zones for the ultimate in variety: Low position is for the “Glide”; Medium position called the “Stride” and High position for the “Climb”.

Quick Start, Manual, three Weight Loss, three Cardio, two Strength and Heart Rate Control. Programs have 10 levels and control both incline and resistance.

Custom Colors
Why stick with silver gray when you choose from any of our five standard colors (white, black, platinum sparkle, metal tone gold, black chrome)? Or ... select from over 180 custom colors to match any decor. Only CYBEX offers color customization in CV and strength equipment.

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