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Precor EFX 425 Elliptical Trainer with automatic elevation cross ramp, moving & 20 series console
Precor EFX 425 Elliptical Trainer with automatic elevation cross ramp, moving & 20 series console

Precor EFX 427 Elliptical Trainer

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Precor EFX® 427

Precision Series Cross Trainers

  • With 20 series console

  • 40 degree powered elevation crossramp

  • Moving handlebars with secondary fixed center grips

Looking for fitness equipment that feels great, is reliable, lasts for years, and keeps you engaged? The EFX® 427 Precision Series brings Precor technology to your fingertips and the smooth feel of a fitness center elliptical into your home. Millions of exercisers love the smooth and fluid feel of Precor ellipticals. The moving handlebars get your core and arms into the workout and by adding resistance so you can focus your workouts on building muscle mass while simultaneously improving cardio endurance.   With technology adapted from our commercial-grade models, these Precor 427 elliptical machines have design and convenience features that will help you reach your fitness goals faster and enjoy your workouts more. With the motorized CrossRamp® you can focus on specific muscle groups. Select from 20 ramp angles with varying stride lengths by using the power adjustable elevation ramp. The 427 provides a natural, low-impact workout that helps you get results. With 10 preset workouts, SmartRate® target heart zone monitoring and 20 levels of resistance, you'll have lots of options for personalization and  the tools to maximize your workouts. Your Precor will keep you motivated and engaged.  Even as your fitness level increases, the Precor EFX® 427 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer will continue to provide fun and challenging workouts no matter how far you progress.

Precor EFX 427 Equipment Features

CrossRamp® TechnologyWith Precor patented adjustable CrossRamp® technology, you can alter the height of the elliptical path your foot travels. Called Variable Stride Geometryâ„¢, this allows you to focus on a specific muscle group or all major lower-body muscle groups, so you can work the muscles you want, when you want.
CrossRamp® MovementMotorized variable
CrossRamp® Elevation Range15°-40°
CrossRamp® Number of Levels1 - 20
Ramp MaterialPrecision extruded, anodized aluminum
HandlebarsMoving and Fixed, for total-body workout,  Moving handlebars get your core and arms into the workout so you can focus your workouts on building muscle mass while simultaneously improving cardio endurance.
Adjustable lock out feature for non moving arm option
Resistance SystemElectromagnetic Eddy Current Resistance
Resistance Levels20
Reversible Pedal RotationYes
Pedal Locking PinYes
StorageOversize water bottle holder, 2 remote control/phone holders, magazine holder.

Precor EFX 427 (40 Series) Console Features

Console TypeHigh contrast blue-white LCD. Acrylic overlay.
CrossRamp and Resistance ChangesTap style Dome Keys
Personalized Suggested WorkoutNo
User IDsUser IDs allow you to quickly retrieve the most recent workout and also lets you select the default workout duration and provides the most accurate calories and target heart rate calculations. A great option for households with more than one user, so you each can store your preferences.
Number of User IDs2
Custom Workouts per User ID0
Options KeyYes, DURING your workout, "Workouts" key lets you change your workout type and "Enter" lets you change your duration, age and weight.
Pace FeatureNo
Units SelectionMetric or U.S. Standard
Preset Workouts1-1 Interval
1-2 Interval
Weight Loss
Basic HRC
Hill Climb
Cross Country
Cross Trainer
Number of Preset Workouts10
Accelerator WorkoutsAerobic, Hill Climb, Cross Country, Gluteal, Cross Trainer
Workout Feedback MetricsTime Elapsed, Time Remaining, Calories, Calories/Min, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, SmartRate® Zone
Distance, Strides/Min, Average Strides/Min
Resistance, CrossRamp®
% Complete
Number of Metrics Available During Workout13
Workout Summary MetricsTime Elapsed, Total Calories, Total Distance, Average Strides/Min
Number of Workout Summary Metrics4
Workout TrackingNo
Preva® Workout TrackingNo
iPod®/iPhone® CompatibilityVolume control
Android CompatibilityVolume control
Tablet holderYes with SmartGripâ„¢ holder
Software Upgrade CapableNo
Equipment SettingsDefault workout time, Max workout time, Max pause time, max cool down time, Configuration (model), Max CrossRamp

Precor EFX 427 Heart Rate Monitoring

Chest Strap TransmitterWorks with any Polar® compatible 5 KHz chest strap transmitter
Chest Strap Transmitter IncludedYes

Precor EFX 427 Equipment Dimensions and Weight

Length84 inches / 213 cm
Width31 inches / 79 cm
Height67 inches / 171 cm
Equipment Weight240 lbs / 95 kg

Precor EFX 427 Power Requirements

EquipmentPlug In
U.S. & Canada 120 VAC120V, 50/60 Hz

Precor EFX 427 Pecision Line Warranty

Manufacturer reserves the right to change or alter specifications at any time. Precor protects its product by vigorously enforcing its patent, trademark, copyright and other applicable intellectual property rights in the USA and in other countries. Precor is a registered trademark of Precor Incorporated.

Precor Cross Ramp Technology

Lower body muscles
By changing the CrossRamp angle, you can focus on different lower body muscles for a custom workout

The lowest CrossRamp angle focuses on your Glutes and Quadriceps
Glutes and quadriceps
The Medium Cross Ramp angle works mainly your Glutes.
Recommended for Fat Burner and Heart Rate Control preset programs.
The High Cross Ramp angle works all of your lower body muscles, Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calves.
Recommended for the Gluteals, Hill Climb and Cross Trainer preset programs.


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